Our Story 


Orum Therapeutics is a private biotech company located in Daejeon, Korea, and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Based on the groundbreaking work by Prof Yong-Sung Kim at Ajou Univ, we are developing a novel class of therapeutic antibodies to bring new medicines to patients with unmet medical needs, and leverage our unique cell-penetrating antibody platform, which inhibits intracellular protein drug targets that are considered undruggable by small molecules or current antibody therapeutics. 

Orum (오름) means ‘ascent’ in Korean, and it represents to us the idea of climbing or moving upwards. In 2016, we were founded with the goal of discovering the antibodies against undruggable targets such as RAS.  RAS has been considered a highly-validated cancer drug target, but also has a reputation of being highly undruggable.

We named our company Orum, because we believe that inhibiting undruggable targets with antibody drugs is akin to climbing K2, one of the most dangerous mountains in the world. K2 was insurmountable for nearly 100 years, until its first climbers used oxygen tanks in 1952.  We believe Orum possesses the ‘oxygen tank,’ but requires further perseverance, determination and teamwork in order to complete our ascent. 

Our vision is a world where undruggable targets are no longer undruggable, so that no patient suffers from diseases because antibodies cannot penetrate cells.


Leadership Team


SJ Lee
Founder & CEO

Throughout his career at Sanofi and LG Chem, SJ has worked to improve the therapeutic landscape for various diseases, including hepatitis B, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Peter Park
Chief Scientific Officer

Peter is a drug discovery executive who brings over 17 years of scientific management experience in targeted therapeutics in oncology. He worked previously at Bicycle Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics and Immunogen. He is the co-inventor of Isatuximab during tenure at Immunogen.


K Kihwan Chang
Research Director

K is an experienced biomedical scientist with a demonstrated history of discovering antibody drugs, a couple of them in clinical trials. He has held antibodies drug discovery leadership positions at CJ, GC Pharma, and Mogam.


Nathan E. Fishkin
Head of Chemistry

Nate has motivated and led small and large molecule discovery teams in oncology for over 14 years working at ImmunoGen and H3 Biomedicine. He is co-inventor of platform technologies used in multiple ADCs in clinical trials.

Meet the rest of the team


 Board of Directors

SJ Lee, PhD
Founder & CEO, Orum Therapeutics

Peter U. Park, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Orum Therapeutics

K Kihwan Chang
Research Director, Orum Therapeutics

Jung-Hee Lim
Head of Investment, Biotech Investment Team, InterVest

Yeo Jung Moon, MD, PhD
Director of Investment, Biotech Investment Team, IMM Investment

Scientific Advisory Board

Yong-Sung Kim, PhD
Scientific Founder, Orum Therapeutics
Professor, Ajou University

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