Our Story 


Orum Therapeutics is a private biotech company located in Daejeon, Korea and Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are developing a novel class of therapeutic antibodies to bring new medicines to patients with unmet medical needs. Orum leverages its unique cell-penetrating antibody platform to inhibit intracellular protein drug targets that are considered undruggable by small molecule or current antibody therapeutics.

Orum (오름) means ‘ascent’ in Korean, and it represents to us the idea of climbing or moving upwards. In 2016, we were founded with the goal to discover the first antibody to inhibit RAS. The RAS gene family are the most commonly mutated oncogenes, involved in approximately 30 percent of all human cancers. Discovered nearly 35 years ago, the mutant RAS protein has been considered a highly-validated cancer drug target, but also has a reputation as being undruggable.

We named the company Orum, because we believed inhibiting RAS with antibody drugs is akin to climbing K2, the most dangerous mountain in the world. K2 was insurmountable for nearly 100 years, until its first climbers used oxygen tanks in 1952. We believe Orum has the oxygen tank, but it requires perseverance, determination and teamwork to make it happen.

Our vision is a world where undruggable targets are no longer undruggable, so no patient suffers from diseases because antibodies cannot penetrate cells.