Orum’s Growing Team Moves to a New Location

It is an exciting time at Orum Therapeutics. As our team continues to expand, we have outgrown our previous facilities and recently moved to a more spacious location in Daejeon. 

The new space is three times as large as our previous location. The additional square footage is capable of accommodating more researchers and includes a special room dedicated to growing the yeast we use for antibody screening. Its modern design and open architecture will help to facilitate an innovative environment that supports the ongoing research efforts for our cell-penetrating antibody platform.

Orum’s platform transforms antibodies to target previously undruggable proteins that are involved in aggressive cancers. Most antibody-based therapeutics can only target proteins on the outside of the cell, while many other cancer-causing proteins remain protected within the cell wall, such as RAS.  Orum’s cell-penetrating antibodies are designed to go through the cell wall and inhibit the activity of proteins, like RAS, which are associated with the initiation and progression of cancer.     

As we settle into our new digs, we continue to look for outstanding researchers to join our team.  If you have experience in QA/QCprotein engineering, cancer biology or therapeutic antibody development, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@orumrx.com to apply.

SungJoo Lee